There seems to be an art to taking a good selfie.

Put your hand on your hip to get the skinny arm. Tilt your head and bring the camera up to get the perfect angle of your face. Widen your eyes and slightly pout your lips in a friendly yet seductive yet not-looking-like-you're-trying-too-hard kind of way.

But what if all that changed?

I rarely wear make-up to work. It helps that I'm in a studio alone for most of the day and don't see many people, but there are plenty of times where I leave the house completely bare-faced.

Ask me to take a photo or be in a video without painting my face, though? Torture.

Dove took on the topic in a new ad campaign/short-film called 'Selfie' which debuted Monday at Sundance Film Festival.

The documentary-style film took a group of mothers and daughters and had them talk about beauty, selfies, and their insecurities.

One mother was trying to encourage her daughter to wear make-up, one daughter noted her mom's obsession with her eyebrows, while another mom lamented her wrinkles while her daughter looked at her oddly.

At the end, all the participants went to a gallery and left comments about each photo on Post-it notes. The comments said things like 'lovely hair,' 'confident smile,' and 'beautiful teeth.'

Not one negative observation. Not one mention of a wrinkle, frizzy hair, or blemished skin.

People found beauty in flaws. So here's my selfie. Make-up free, hair undone:

Laurie Cataldo

Maybe my imperfections aren't as bad as I think.

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