The 80s at the Jersey Shore had so many fashion trends that for the time worked, but looking back, the majority of them make me cringe. For instance, tight rolling your pants at the ankles, adding "wig wam" socks and a pair of Capezios. Definitely cringe worthy.

Now if you were around in the 80s at the Jersey Shore, you may remember a fashion trend that pretty much every girl wore in their hair. I’m not talking about the “Stiff Stuff” or “Aquanet”, I am talking about BANANA CLIPS!!!! OMG I cannot believe that I literally threw my last one away about 2 years ago.

What has me so flustered? Well they are making a comeback and now I have to restock my collection. I remember having every single color at one time, some with glitter, animal print, beads, feathers…you name it, I had it! Do you still have yours? Will you be taking yours out of the vault?

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