If you went to grab a Hoagie at Wawa today and noticed something seems a little bit different, you're not going crazy!

PhillyVoice shared that Wawa is giving us all a blast from the past with an 80s themed week  from 4/16-4/23 to celebrate its 57th anniversary! Totally awesome! But, that's not all...they've collaborated with a familiar TV family to help celebrate. Check out Wawa's Tweet below:


How cute is that? In case you're wondering what the specialty hoagie is, PhillyVoice shared it's called "A Goldbergs Garlic Chicken Cheesy Parm" cool!

It's pretty cool knowing that we share something in common with our favorite convenience store that we hold so dear to our hearts here at the Jersey Shore! We both love the 80s. Who could forget our Feel Good 80s weekends?

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Wawa, we could not be happier that you've been around for 57 years - thank you for all the coffees, candies, sizzlis, hoagies, and of course, for being a safe place for us to stop at the bathroom during long road trips! Here's to 57 more years! We don't know what we'd do without you.

Will you be stopping by a Wawa to take part in the celebration?

H/T: Michael Tanenbaum, PhillyVoice

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