How many 5-year olds can make big life decisions? One girl from Manchester Township made the decision to get a haircut and donate her locks to the organization 'Wigs for Kids' in order to help other kids.

"I'm donating my hair," 5-year old Mackenzie gleefully expressed, and says her goal of getting this haircut was to help, "other people."

Her mom was there as well in the decision process and is also donating her locks to the same organization.

Mackenzie's 3-year old brother also got a haircut, but this 5-year old knows the impact her big heart felt decision will have on chemotherapy patients who will be receiving her locks in a wig.

"It helps people because they're sick," said Mackenzie.

Currently the 5-year old is in Kindergarten and has a yellow belt in karate, but this isn't the first time she's chosen to donate her locks after doing so when she was 3-years old.

The decision to do so again, she says, made her feel good inside.

"It makes me feel good all of the time," said Mackenzie.

She was also excited to share how her haircut went.

"I got my haircut all the way up to my shoulders, and I got a cookie there and a lollipop," said Mackenzie.

When asked if she would ever want to do it again, she had to ask her mom first and when she approved Mackenzie exclaimed, "Yay! I'm going to do it again!"

When she grows up she said she wants to be, "a superhero," but to so many individuals she already is a superhero.

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