As of today, I am considered to be officially vaccinated and just in time for the face mask mandate to be lifted this upcoming Friday!

But there is still quite a large population of people who have not been vaccinated just choice.

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And listen, there is nothing wrong with that. In difficult times like this, we all have to do what we are comfortable with.

But a friend of mine, whose name I will not disclose, brought up a valid concern that he has.

"I am not vaccinated and do not plan on getting vaccinated for a little while. There is just something about it that makes me nervous. But now that the face mask mandate is lifted for those who are vaccinated, I will stick out like a sore thumb. Do I need to worry about what will happen when walking into a store or movie theater with a face mask on?"

He brings up a valid point. In a way, these face masks will automatically out people's personal choices.

Once the vaccinated public relaxes a bit, face masks will start to disappear exponentially as those who are vaccinated start to feel more comfortable.

So then who is left? That's right, those who are not vaccinated.....

But those who are not vaccinated are still being told to wear a face mask for obvious reasons.

So I am going to urge everyone to keep their thoughts regarding those who are or aren't vaccinated to themselves because the consequences could be dire.

Let me explain....

People who are consistently bullied or taunted every time they step out in public would eventually become so desperate to escape the treatment that they would no doubt turn to drastic measures.

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What do I mean by that? By forging those vaccination cards so they can walk around freely without a face mask.

Do I need to explain why that could be disastrous?

The hope is that over time, more and more people will become officially vaccinated which means that COVID would have almost no where to go and no hosts to latch on to.

But these people who are just trying to get through the day without being hassled could be COVID-19's chance for survival. The vaccine is not promised to be 100% effective and if the virus starts to jump around again while mutating, we could be in trouble.


Treat others the way you want to be treated. If YOU are vaccinated, then YOU can take off your face mask.

But don't shame others for their different choices. That is the beauty of adulthood....we can all make decisions for ourselves whether others agree or not.

Please. I beg of you. Let's just enjoy the Summer...okay?

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