So many of us have childhood memories of the corner bakery.  The free smells would waft through the air, summoning you to come inside.  No one loves a cannoli more than this girl and now we have another authentic place for you to get the best.  Get ready to have powdered sugar all over your clothes, because your first bite is waiting in Freehold, New Jersey.

An absolutely beloved bakery born in Staten Island is expanding its brand.  They just set up shop in Freehold Township and people could not be happier.

Bruno Italian Bake Shop and Gelateria just opened and had their ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Their new location is 356 West Main Street.

It is a family-owned business, and its New York location started all the way back in 1973.  the Settepani family takes pride in all their homemade treats.  Trust me, it will be way more convenient to get them in Freehold than Staten Island, not that I haven’t made that drive for a good biscotti.

If that last name sounds familiar to you, it may be because you recognize Joseph Settepani from the Food Network show “Sweet Genius”.  That’s the level we are talking about here.  We wish you lots of luck!

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