If your commute takes you through Downtown Toms River, then you may have noticed that there is construction going on at the buildings across from the Ocean County Jail.

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If you take a look at the photos I have included, you can see it looks like a lot of concrete work.

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Shawn Michaels


One of the things I like about Downtown Toms River is the area around Washington Street and Hooper Avenue and all the county buildings, it gives Toms River a nice look as the "county seat" here in Ocean County.

The Downtown section of Toms River is home to the Ocean County Courthouse, Ocean County Jail, Ocean County Prosecutors Office, Ocean County Administration Building, Ocean County Superior Court, and more.

From doing some digging, pun intended lol, it appears to be cosmetic work being done here in this section of Downtown Toms River. Sidewalks, walkways, entrances etc. Possibly a "beautification" project to spruce things up? maybe there are engineering reasons, but I was not able to get an answer on that.

Regardless of what they are doing, it will add to the "visual" here Downtown and that's always a good thing.


Shawn Michaels


There is a large section of this area along Hooper Avenue that is marked off for work, so it will be a rather large restoration job regardless of what the reasoning is. Maybe YOU know exactly what the game plan is? if so please let us know and I hope to get pics of when they are finished so we can see the beautiful job they did.


Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels


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