At first glance, it looks like a tornado touched down in Southern Ocean County, but fear not...this was a planned operation as crews demolished a former law office in Downtown Tuckerton.

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It appears it did not take very long for crews to totally demolish this former law office on Route 539/North Green Street in Tuckerton. Seemed like it only took a day to demolish this structure.

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Shawn Michaels


I was driving through Downtown Tuckerton when all of a sudden I spotted this demolish project, which totally surprised me. I was not even aware the law office was closed lol but obviously, this was planned for some time. What is interesting about this move is that this property is attached to the already empty section of Downtown Tuckerton at the corner of Route Nine and North Green Street (aka Route 539) so I wondered if this move is to enable a big "downtown" project?


Shawn Michaels


Now that this lot is being cleared and along with the already available property downtown, this section could be big enough to house a business or maybe a housing project?

So now I turn the floor over to YOU, what do you think would be a good fit for this busy downtown section of Tuckerton, and/or have YOU heard any rumors as to what is planned here for this property? leave your comments as we always love your input.


Shawn Michaels


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