Each year we wait for the Old Farmer's Almanac to make our winter prediction and we agree with it only if it says words like mild and warm.

Based on that formula, we definitely don't agree this year. I know this is a tough one to swallow while most Jersey Shore residents are still trying to hold on to the last few days of summer with every ounce of energy they have, the Old Farmer's Almanac throws this at us.

Getting back to those words now, if you're in Alaska you're happy because you're hearing words like 'not so cold'. Texas gets 'pleasant'. Florida will be 'nice'. Are you ready for our words? Try 'wet and wild'. Ouch.

And if that's not enough the prediction for parts of the east include phrases like 'never-ending winter' and with winter weather lasting ' well into March'. Can I get another ouch?

Let's throw a few more phrases at you. How about 'frosty, wet and white', and 'polar coaster'. That's a new one. Without all the cute phrases, the outlook is for a wetter, colder winter for us. Great.

That's of course if you buy into long range forecasts, which our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow does  not. How could we possibly predict the weather months away? I'm with him.

Either way, use this as further inspiration to enjoy what's left of Summer 2019. And start today!

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