Are you looking for the perfect Father's Day gift but need a little inspiration? It's Jon Bon Jovi to the rescue.

Getting some Father's Day gift ideas from a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is pretty awesome, and so are the gifts Jon Bon Jovi is suggesting this Father's Day. So what does one of the world's top rock starts think might be a great gift for the dads out there?

Well, according to, one of the suggestions is the same type of signature black t-shirt Jon himself wears. It's only $165 (not bad for a rock star t-shirt) but I don't think it comes with a guarantee you or dad will look exactly like Jon in it.

Of course Jon is going to suggest the wine he and his son Jesse have developed, and why not? A collaboration of son and dad that resulted in Hampton Water Rose wine would make a great gift.

And Jon wouldn't let the opportunity to help others pass him by, so he's also suggesting some support for the wonderful JBJ Soul Kitchen. It's a thoughtful gift and it helps our neighbors.

So, there you go. suggestions for Father's Day from one of the biggest rock star dads in the world. And an early Happy Father's Day to Jon, his dad Mr. B, and all the dads out there!

Lou, Mr. B and Diane at JBJ Soul Kitchen
Lou, Jon's Dad (Mr. B) and Diane at JBJ Soul Kitchen (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

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