This ride is truly jaw-dropping! Check out the video.

It will open at Six Flags Great Adventure in the spring! The new ride is inspired by the movement of a gyroscope. CYBORG Cyber Spin will be an unrelenting, intense, anti-gravity experience that will whirl you on three axes 7-stories above the ground!

This ride will be first of its kind in North America and unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before! It will be located in the new Metropolis section of Six Flags.

So how does it work? It's a unique, futuristic triple-box design. The gondola spins around three separate ways while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to 70 feet in the air for intense and continuous movement.

24 people will be seated at a time with an over-the-shoulder harness but no floor under the seat, so your feet will be dangling as you whirl through the air. You'll experience a thrilling combination of negative and positive gravitational forces. (And in the dark you'll see a dazzling nighttime light display.)

Check out the video HERE!

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