It is finally starting to feel like this eternal winter is coming to an end.  A few consistent days in the 50s.  Nights aren't as bitterly cold, and hey, a few days over 70.  I'll take it.

This means one thing.  We are ready to get out.

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We are already noticing local businesses starting to open for the season.  Some, haven't been open in quite some time due to the pandemic.

You have to get out there, right?  Need to support, need to explore, and need to just leave the couch for a few hours.

If you're like me, this is where my 'addiction' comes into play.

Pavel Timofeyev

I love my coffee.  Love it.  Can't start my day without it.  Also, some would say, I can't make it through my day without it.

It is funny, there is a saying "I don't trust a person who doesn't drink coffee."  I've bought into this.

100% true.  I'll give you the side-eye if you're around my age, and you don't touch the stuff.

Ok, maybe it's not that harsh.  Maybe.

Over the last few months, during our travels, we found some great little places to refuel throughout the Jersey Shore.


Here's what I look for when it comes to coffee shops, and I do want to say, I will stop at the chains we all know and love if there isn't much time.

The big one for me is the atmosphere.

Brooke Cagle, Unsplash
Brooke Cagle, Unsplash

Will I be greeted with a smile or rushed through the process?  Also, quality. are they consistent with a good product every time I visit?

I don't normally ask, but sometimes I'll jump out of my comfort zone and want a good recommendation.  I'm not sure if it is fair but that is something I'll notice and judge based on that.  Will the employee really think about it, share a favorite of theirs, share a favorite of other customers, or recommend that one thing they are known for?


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