Migraines? Bad moods? Even swollen ankles! This is what could happen to you from the following foods:

Potato Chips: They're filled with a certain kind of fat that blocks the brain chemicals that make you feel good.

Holiday Ham: Ham comes from factory farms where pigs are pumped full of antibiotics. The hams are also injected with sugar, salt, fillers and nitrate preservatives that can trigger low moods, migraines and even swollen ankles.

Soda: These drinks turn to fat inside our bodies, sending our moods plummeting after the initial sugar rush.

Bagels: These big hunks of refined carbs result in major energy crashes before lunchtime.

Peantus; High in sodium and additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), peanuts have been linked to migraines, weakness, burning sensations, wheezing, and difficulty breathing in some people.

No wonder I've been feeling like crap!