It's the birthday many dread. The big 3-0. Regardless of what other things may change in your life, experts say the one thing you should change is what you eat, or more specifically, what you don't eat.

According to, here are some of the 30 foods they suggest you stop eating as soon as you hit 30.

Oreos. There's no way around the fat and empty calories, and with weight loss getting tougher after 30, it's just not worth the risk.

Beer and alcohol. It's bad for your sleep and your skin, too. That's right, drop the drink or risk wrinkles.

Iced coffee. Caffeine is bad for the skin because it affects sleep, and that's when the skin repairs itself, plus sucking that iced coffee through a straw can cause wrinkles.

Wow. No wonder everyone dreads turning 30. No Oreos, drinks or coffee? Now we understand why people say they're 29 again. And this is only 3 of the 30 things on the list. don't even think I want to know the rest.






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