Based on online response alone, I think it's safe to say that Playa Bowls has quickly become one of the Shore's most popular new treat shops.

Earlier this year, when we shared the Belmar-based chain's announcement of the upcoming Brick location, it was liked and shared hundreds of times on social media.

It then happened again in March when we let folks know that they'd also be moving into new digs in Island Heights.

If those reactions are any indication, I feel comfortable saying that Ocean County will be excited to learn that not only is there a new Playa Bowls location right here, but they also get the honor of being the first to move into one of the new permanent buildings on the Seaside Park boardwalk.

I happened to be visiting the boardwalk on Saturday with my mother, and had a chance to chat with the staff, who told me that they'd had a few pop-up locations in recent weeks, but they'd just gotten the go-ahead to roll up the gates and officially open their new home just steps away from The Sawmill that very day.

So, welcome to the boardwalk, Playa Bowls! Hopefully it's a sign of many more great businesses, restaurants, and shops to come as the Seaside Park boardwalk slowly returns to its former self!


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