Hard to believe...but we are coming up on the four year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

As I drove down Ocean Avenue in Belmar recently and saw the two new big buildings going up, it made me realize just how long it's been since the old pavilion buildings on that boardwalk were standing.

It almost looks odd to see these giant construction projects going on when the boardwalk has been so empty for years now, except for some food trailers in the summer.

SANDY. FOUR YEARS AGO. So much devastation, loss, damage, horror. Yet seemingly forgotten in the news these days, what with 'newer' catastrophes and an election to promote.

But around Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we can all remember how on this day four years ago most of us were deciding whether or not to evacuate at the last minute.

And then came the superstorm. And then came the nor'easter.

Halloween that year was just a teeny tiny thought...

What's on your mind as you think back four years?