One time my daughter was playing soccer and a fox starting jogging toward the kids on the field. I had never seen that before and since I knew it wasn't a dog I assumed it was a fox (which is nocturnal) so when I saw it around the kids I freaked. Aren't they supposed to be afraid of humans?  This guy was running toward the group. I ran on the field, shut down the game and totally embarrassed my daughter. They still make fun of me for being such a "mama bear" but after reading about this brave Ocean County teen saving his little sister, now I feel vindicated.

An Ocean County teenager is hero for saving his 4-year-old little sister from a fox that attacked three people over the weekend!  Of course this is a rare occurrence, but it was very real for little Lilith.  She and her older brother and mother were in the family's front yard when the fox came and just darted right at the 4 year old little girl and bit her in the leg! Her big brother, Nielsen acted fast and grabbed it with his bare hands and punched it off of her, protecting his little sister from a further attack.
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He and his mom were able to trap the fox in a clothes hamper.  Lilith is OK except for some scratches, minor cuts and an overall scare. Police said that the fox also attacked another 4-year-old girl and an adult man.

We still don't know if the fox had Rabies,  tests on the animal are still pending. All three victims were given rabies shots just to be on the safe side.  What an ordeal!  I'm so glad everyone is OK.   Read the full story from News 12 here.  Of course most animals are very happy to go about their business and it is common to see a nocturnal fox out in the daylight hours if it is hunting for food and still hungry from the night before. However, if a fox or any wild animal comes towards humans get away and call animal control right away.

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