This is huge news for those looking to receive an upper education but cannot afford to do so.

Thanks to a revised Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG), students from families with a gross annual income of $65,000 or less per year are eligible to attend the Middlesex County College tuition-free this September.

“We applaud the Governor and Legislature for making this investment in the state’s future,” Middlesex County College President Mark McCormick said. “We are very pleased that eligible residents of the County may take advantage of this program. It will mean students will work less so they can study more. We know that earning an associate degree increases lifetime earning capacity significantly. CCOG expands opportunity.”

This offer is available for the fall and spring semesters but is not applicable so the Summer session.

In 2020, the budget will allot $25 million for CCOG to use for student's tuition who come from low income households.

It is such a relief to hear that people are offering alternative solutions for those who wish to receive a higher education because let's face it, the prices are getting absolutely ridiculous.

Zakiya Smith Ellis, New Jersey secretary of High Education commented on just how much some people struggle to make it through college on their own and how happy it makes her that something is being done about it.

“I heard from students who had to take on three jobs to pay their expenses,” said Ellis. “I heard from single parents who supported their children while studying for exams. The Community College Opportunity Grant enabled these students to stay in college. Those students are more likely to graduate and thereby repay the state’s investment.”

Not to mention, college is supposed to be an amazing time for young adults to do a few things:

A. Gives young adults the chance to get all their crazy shenanigans out of their system.

B. I truly believe college is where you make your true friends. I barely keep in touch with any one from high school. All of my friends are from my college years.

C. Students can figure themselves out. College is a different environment that is way more accepting and gives people the chance to really come into their own.

D. For most, it is the first time they will be on their own. It is best to do it in an environment that they are given help to adjust.

So good luck to all students who apply for this amazing offer and don't forget to study.

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