This is an article topic I personally never thought I would be reading about....but I am glad that I am.

One of the most expensive universities in the Garden State is reducing their tuition price by nearly 25% for new, full-time students!

Fairleigh Dickinson University has announced that their tuition -- which originally was $43,654 for their Florham Park campus and $41,154 for their Metropolitan campus -- will now cost $32,000 per year for both campuses.

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“Many students and their families recognize the value of an FDU education, but understandably don’t believe they can afford the tuition,” said university president Christopher Capuano.

 Well duh....
But quick question: Why does this discount exist for only new students who are full time?
College tuition -- and not just at Fairleigh Dickinson University -- has exponentially increased over the last 20 years outpacing the growth of inflation and typical income per household.
You know where I am going with this: it is nearly impossible to receive an education that you NEED these days to make a decent living without racking up thousands of dollars worth of debt.
The good news is that it sounded like this trend is starting to rub off and as a result, other New Jersey colleges have slashed their prices as well.
Back in 2017, Drew University implemented their tuition cost by 20% -- from $48,335 to $38,668.
As recent as last month, Rider University cut their tuition cost by 22% for next near -- from $45,120 to $35,000 for new students.
This is an issue that needs attention NOW! I am glad to see universities trying to fix this little by little but even with these price cuts, it is extremely difficult to get an upper education these days.
Let's keep these price cuts coming!
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