The polar vortex, the culprit for much of the bitter cold we have been forced to endure this winter is coming back for another visit.

There is some good news though, about the latest round with the latest polar vortex. This time temperatures will not dip below zero with hideous wind chill numbers. It will, however, be a good 20 degrees or so below normal for this time of year, according to

It just looks like we are not going to catch any breaks this winter, but there are some positive things about this winter. One I can think of is that February is almost over, right? But still not soon enough for me. And not soon enough to avoid a cold last week of the month.

Alan Kasper says it will start getting cold early this week, even getting into the teens tonight and we might even see some flurries tonight and more snow possible later in the week. Check out Alan's latest forecast, and try to stay warm. It's almost over. really it is.