Congratulations to Brianna and Tilly from Howell because they are this week's Friday Furry Freak of the Week!


Now, this may not necessarily be a freaky picture but I think this picture is hilarious and so appropriate for the holiday season.

Even though Tilly doesn't necessarily look thrilled to be decked out in Christmas gear, she looks absolutely adorable. And like they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words!

But all faces and outfits aside, both ladies have just won a short stack of New Jersey Scratch Off Lottery Tickets! If you win big....I expect one heck of a Christmas present!

Winners must be 18+ and resident of NJ! New Jersey Lottery... because anything can happen in Jersey!

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To enter to win for a short stack of New Jersey Lottery Scratch Off Tickets of your very own, submit your Furry Freak here.

Freak On.

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