Say hello to this week's Furry Freak of the Week winner!

Say hello to Jamie and her adorable obsessed with straws pup Fallon who live together in Toms River fighting over...well....everything!

Shockingly enough, Fallon is not after his Mom's drink. As it turns out, he wants the straw! If Jamie lets him get his hands on it, he has got a toy that will keep him entertained for hours. Sounds like she doesn't' get to have too many beverages in peace.

However, she must save a TON of money on Fallon's toys!

Jamie was blessed with Fallon when she adopted him from the ASPCA. He came from Puerto Rico and now she never has a straw when she needs it!

But sharing or not, congratulations because Jamie and her pup have both won a short stack of NJ Lottery scratch off tickets. (Remember: Winner must be 18+ and resident of NJ.)

New Jersey Lottery... because anything can happen in Jersey!
Friday's Furry Freak of the Week contest continues and you can enter your video or photo of your pets here for a short stack of New Jersey Lottery Tickets of your very own!.

Keep it freaky!

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