From a driver throwing loose change at another driver's windshield in a road rage incident to a pair of DWI's, all within a few hours, Jackson Police have stories behind the arrests in each case released in a statement on Wednesday.

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Jackson Police Chief Matthew Kunz pulled over after seeing two vehicles stopped on Jackson Mills Road near Eltone Road on Tuesday morning at 9:09 am.

What caught his attention was 70-year old Peter Striano of Jackson throwing coins at the windshield of another driver's vehicle.

The antics were going on amidst a game of finger-pointing of who started it.

Police later determined the incident began on I-195 with both drivers saying the other was tailgating them.

Striano allegedly drove in futon of the woman's vehicle and slammed on his brakes leading to both vehicles stopping on Jackson Mills Road.

That brings us to the beginning of this story where he started throwing change at her windshield causing about $1,000 in damages.

He was then arrested by a patrolman and charged with criminal mischief and then issued motor vehicle summonses by Chief Kunz.

Striano was released on summons pending a court appearance.

At 4:56 pm on Tuesday, police charged 37-year old Thomas Greenhoe of Jackson with several offenses including DWI after spotting his 2012 Chevy van flipped completely over after they learned it hit a tree and a utility pole.

Greenhoe ran off after the accident.

Police later found him and arrested him after his sobriety test showed he was under the influence.

Before they found Greenhoe, police searched his vehicle and found beer cans, White Claw seltzer and marijuana.

Greenhoe was processed and charged with failure to report an accident, failure to maintain lane, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, careless driving and failure to submit to breath testing.

He was released on summons pending a court appearance.

At 9:44 pm on Tuesday, police charged 44-year old Odell Price of East Orange with DWI after he was swerving all over Toms River Road in his Mercedes as well as driving erratically, coming from a report they received that night.

Police found the vehicle parked on Bowman Road with the driver using his cell phone.

While the responding officer spoke with the driver, he picked up a whiff of alcohol and determined Price was impaired soon thereafter which was confirmed through a field sobriety test.

Price was then arrested for DWI and the vehicle was impounded.

When police searched Price's vehicle, an open bottle of brandy was recovered.

He was processed and charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Price was then released on summons pending a court appearance.

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