Jimmy Fallon and his skits/videos always make me laugh, and his latest is no exception.

Not only did he reunite the guys of Full House on Late Night, they transported us back to 1990 as they helped Jimmy conquer his bedtime sadness with their signature taglines, over-the-top sweetness, and of course, a song.

Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier all appear as Danny Tanner, 'Uncle Jesse' Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone, while Jimmy Fallon is in pajamas, channeling his best Michelle Tanner.

We get a 'Waaaaake up, San Francisco!', a 'Have Mercy,' a 'Cut.It.Out!' and even an appearance by Mr. Woodchuck. I especially love that weird gray mouse being on the wall, and of course, the pencil bed.

As in every quality episode of Full House, the problem (Jimmy being sad about leaving Late Night to host The Tonight Show) is solved within minutes in some fabulously cheesy way.

And I loved every frickin second of it. Yet again, Mr. Fallon, well done!

What cast would you love to see reunite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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