Earlier this week, we showed you some of the most outrageous dog costumes on the web. Now, here's a look at some of the funniest costumes for babies! Take a look at each costume, then tell us below in the comments which one YOU think is the funniest costume of them all!

Whoopie Cushion Costume for Babies

Poor baby - he has no idea about the meaning behind this one! It's pretty funny for adults who remember the fame behind this hysterical invention.


Heinz Ketchup Packet Infant Costume

Unusual and quite original, this new 2012 ketchup costume is actually selling fast!


Baby Air Freshener Costume

Any costume that involves being fully enclosed except for the face is sure to get laughs, so this creative air freshener costume doesn't disappoint!


Pizza Slice Baby Costume

This adorable chef hat/pizza slice suit is great - especially with a cute baby tucked in! We've all heard the phrase, "I could eat baby up!" Here's to taking it to the next step!


Baby Taco Costume

If you've got a fast crawling baby at home, then perhaps this stuffed taco costume is for you!


Billion Dollar Baby (Money Bag) Costume

Well diapers, formula, and college savings accounts do add up! Here's a funny costume to better illustrate that point.


Bacon Costume for Babies

First we showed you this bacon costume for dogs, now check it out on a baby! We don't know which one is funnier!


Funny Teeth Pacifier

Dressing babies in costumes can be uncomfortable for the little ones, so this is a great alternative. While not a full costume, this one is so creative and hysterical that we had to add it to the list!


Baby Elvis Costume

One of the funniest of them all, we love that this one comes equipped with an Elvis wig, a full outfit with a cape, plus stuffed arms that are playing the guitar!


Baby Hot Dog Costume

We've seen this costume again and again over the years and it's still one of the cutest and funniest Halloween costumes for babies.


We want to hear from you! Which costume is funniest? Tell us your answers below in the comments!