Congratulations to Rosalie and Max from Toms River who are this week's Friday Furry Freak of the Week Winners!

Now it may not look it, but Max is just barely a year old! Now, I had a few theories of how this picture could have come about.

A. He was scared out of his mind

B. Hide and seek

C. He lost his keys.

Well after talking to Rosalie, it looks like she has a new vacuum cleaner covered in fur! She has three kids who thoroughly enjoy snacking on the couch and Max says he has no problem stepping up to dig in deep for the remaining crumbs....anywhere in the house that is!

Congratulations to you both on winning a short stack of New Jersey Scratch Off Lottery Tickets! Winner must be 18+ and resident of NJ

New Jersey Lottery... because anything can happen in Jersey!

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Keep it Freaky!

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