Why are so many people so quick to eat cicada bugs? Apparently, they taste darn good as a hard-serve ice cream, because the concoction sold out in minutes at one New Jersey ice cream shop.

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The Bent Spoon in Princeton served up "cicada chocolate chip" ice cream last Saturday, and reportedly hit the bottom of the barrel in approximately one hour, according to Patch.com.

The Bent Spoon's owner Gabriella Carbone and her business partner Matthew Errico tell Patch.com the Brood X cicada emergence gave them a perfect opportunity to cater to their more adventurous customers. It certainly gives new meaning to the term 'organic'.

The duo managed to collect just enough uncompromised cicadas (meaning, not spoiled by any pesticides) to make a couple barrels of their unique treat. "I think it really worked out because people could get the sense that they were experiencing something, and it was really palatable," said Carbone.

I guess even cicadas provide SOME source of protein, but The Bent Spoon added some actual protein powder to the ice cream.

I applaud The Bent Spoon's creativity and gusto to seize the cicada moment, I just don't know that there's anything, even ice cream, that would make me want to consume the insect. But if you're the YOLO type of person, you may get a chance to experience the cicada ice cream for yourself. Regarding the future of the delicacy, Carbone tells Patch.com, "We had a lot of people reach out to us because they missed this batch of ice cream. But if we find someone who has been on their land for a long time and can speak to its organic nature, we might make it again."

The Bent Spoon is located at 35 Palmer Square in W. Princeton, NJ.

SOURCE: The Bent Spoon/Facebookthebentspoon.com; Patch.com via Gloucester Twp. Patch/Facebook

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