After you watch this video, there will be no more denying the saying that "anything can happen in Jersey." That's the tagline from the New Jersey lottery, but this lady won the jackpot when she got to get an up-close-and-personal experience with a fawn that a mama deer brought through her backyard.

In a video shared on Tiktok, user @snowfrickenwhite posted a clip of a herd of deer all gathered at her back door. Apparently, the woman's been feeding the herd for a while now. Based on the video, it looks like they trust her completely.

One deer even licks the woman's hands.

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Other Tiktok users have been making comments saying that what @snowfrickenwhite experienced "must be what heaven's like," how lucky she is to have had that opportunity, and how much the deer must trust her. Honestly, it's an adorable sight to see.

The fawn is curled up and seated right below the woman's storage bin on top of the rocks near her concrete patio. The group doesn't even seem to be phased when the woman opens her patio door to greet them. In fact, they seem happy to see her. They're not surrounding the baby in an effort to protect it, which means they have placed a significant amount of trust in this lady.

Not everybody gets to experience something like this. It truly is a beautiful moment to witness. Luckily, we have social media, so even though we may never get to see anything like that in the flesh, we can still watch it unfold.

Watch the video for yourself below.

Source: Tiktok

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