We all learned to do things virtually over the past two years, and some of the virtual offerings are pretty amazing. And when a national website named the best virtual attraction in every state, the spotlight in the Garden State falls on a beloved zoo.

All over the nation, you can do some really awesome virtual things, like virtual kayaking on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, or explore Volcanoes National Park in breathtaking Hawaii.

Our virtual adventure here in New Jersey is a little less adventurous, but it's still really awesome, and it takes place at one of the coolest places in the state, the Cape May Zoo.

And Love Exploring has named the Cape May Zoo Virtual School Zoo as the #1 virtual attraction. We all love the Cape May Zoo, and can now enjoy it even when we're not really there.

This is a great tool, especially for all the kids in the Garden State. With just a few clicks you can get up close and personal with some of the amazing animals and attractions at this fantastic zoo.

This is not, of course, the only great virtual experience available in the Garden State. And Fun New Jersey does a really great job helping you navigate through them. Check them out and take advantage of the opportunities.

And if you have come across any great virtual experiences, please share them with us so we could enjoy them. too.

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