Non-profit Basie Center for the Arts, like many, is struggling during this time, but they are not letting a pandemic get in the way of continuing their mission of spreading the arts by inspiring, educating, and entertaining.

The entertainment and education you enjoy at the Basie are thanks to generous donations from our community. And our help is needed now more than ever.

The Basie has announced the creation of a limited-edition t-shirt to raise funds for the organization, shuttered since mid-March due to the ongoing pandemic.

The shirt is all about New Jersey, and you can't think of Jersey without thinking of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. The back of the shirt features poignant words from Bruce regarding the world we're living in.

“As hard as it is to believe right now, your children will go back to school. Churches will be open and full. You will once again hug and kiss family members at your gatherings. You will shout over the noise of a crowded bar to order a drink and to speak to your friends. You will buy a hot dog at Yankee Stadium. You will walk through the streets of your hometown, free and easy. You may hold a complete stranger on a crowded dance floor, and 50,000 people will once again scream their heads off somewhere in New Jersey.”

Basie Center for the Arts
Basie Center for the Arts

This is a must for Springsteen fans and collectors. We all know many, right? Spread the word.

These "Bruce approved" shirts are $35 plus shipping and handling and will only be available for a limited time. I can assure you they will sell out fast. Go to to get yours and support the arts in our community.

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