In my travels, one of the busiest sections of roadway in Ocean County is the stretch of Route 9 from northern Toms River into Lakewood and Howell Township. It is a busy section and with only one lane in both directions (most of the way through this section) and more projects being built, it is getting slower?


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In my most recent trip, I spotted an ongoing housing project along Route 9 in Lakewood. It's the impressive work of Imperial Real Estate LLC based in Lakewood.


Shawn Michaels


So the thought that I am having and I’m wondering how you feel there going to be simply too much traffic in this section of the Country to handle? The housing units look great and I’m sure they are needed but at the same time is the number of families moving into Northern Ocean County outpacing our infrastructure, especially along this corridor of Route 9?

Don’t mistake my intentions here, It’s all about cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, bikes etc. More people more vehicles and last check Route 9 was not getting any wider. Will this section simply adapt or will it become an even slower commute?

Shawn Michaels


Obviously the housing units are very popular as you can see the signs indicate the project is “sold out” so residents are coming. How do you feel about the housing boom in this area? Much needed, too much congestion, or simply part of our expanding County......we always look forward to your thoughts and comments. If you have toured the homes what were your thoughts? Affordable, Luxury, family-style? Let us know....



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