Some of the lasting memories of the New Jersey Super Bowl are the all too familiar looks of utter disappointment etched on the faces of Broncos fans. Giants and Jets fans alike know that face well.

How ironic is it that Giants and Jets fans have filled the very same stadium that the Super Bowl took place in, with those very same faces almost weekly through the past season. Oh, sure, both teams have given us some thrills, but by season's end, we all seem to wear that same face.

Giants fans may begin to think that that stadium and any Manning were not a good combination this past season. I'll tell you this, as a Giants fan I often expect that look of bewilderment from Eli, but seeing it on the face of Peyton was a little shocking.

And how about that picture of the poor kid with the Broncos hat on, who was brought to tears from what he was watching. Well, kid, don't feel bad for a minute about how you reacted. There isn't a true Giants or Jets fan around New Jersey who haven't felt the same thing, and haven't shed a tear or two as well.


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