It looks like the Jersey Shore will get a local summer weekend with weather that will allow us to actually enjoy it.

Last weekend, our first official local summer weekend was just a disappointing, rainy wash out . But this weekend, it looks like the forecast is working in our favor.

So if you had to hold off on things you wanted to do outdoors last weekend, this weekend may give you the chance to do them. Here's what Dan Zarrow says about the forecast for the next few days.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Partly sunny, dry and warm, high in the upper 70's, or in less meteorological terms, a great September day.

Sunday. Increasing clouds with a high 80, or translated, not as nice as Saturday, but nothing that will stop you from doing whatever you want to do.

Regarding Florence's impact for our area, there is a chance of showers and wind gusts of up to 30mph today, since we are on the very northern edge of the storm.

We also could encounter some potentially heavy rain on Tuesday if the storm tracks in our direction over the next few days, according to our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Of course, we can't mention weather without thinking about what the Carolinas are going through regarding Florence. Having been through what we have with Sandy, our hearts break for those being affected by this storm.

One way you can help those affected by Florence is to make a donation to the Red Cross.


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