So many Point listeners from our area have been following the journey of this beloved little girl. We hoped and prayed to one day hear this great news.

The Scalese Family)
Photo by Laura Scalese

The Scalese family just got 3-year old Charlotte Joy's scan results for officially finishing treatment. And she is IN REMISSION! Her doctor is confident that the cancer has been dealt with once and for all!

Mom Laura says, "We're happy that Charlotte is thriving and doing beautifully, with her thick hair growing back in, all by the grace and favor of God!"

We have been following Charlotte's progress and so many have sent in prayers and supported this wonderful family, so that's why they wanted you to know the good news.

First you came together to donate blood. And then there was, much more recently, Charlotte's heartwarming drive-by parade to keep her spirits strong for her third birthday despite Covid keeping her isolated at home. This was especially important since Charlotte had to miss her second birthday celebration when she was suddenly diagnosed with the rare cancer.

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Here's the official letter from the family:
Charlotte Scalese, a 3 year old from Neptune Township has defeated the odds. She has beat cancer and is here to encourage the world with her story.Shortly before she turned 2 years old, Charlotte was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. This is a cancer that begins forming in the endocrine system and is most commonly found in children under 5 years old. For Charlotte, a large mass was found sandwiched between her organs. Doctors accidentally found it when she went to the emergency room initially to treat viral rash that appeared on her body.Upon this discovery, a game plan was made within days to treat this cancer- and in Charlotte’s case, overtreat her so that neuroblastoma had no chance of returning.


Since April 2019, Charlotte has endured 5 rounds of intense chemotherapy, 1 major surgery resection, 2 stem cell transplants, 12 rounds of radiation, and 6 rounds of immunotherapy. In total, she has had over 100 nights in hospitals, 30+ blood transfusions, and more needle sticks than anyone can count.


When her 3rd birthday rolled around in April, her parents were disappointed when their large “Celebration of Living” was cancelled due to Covid. However, they made the best of it by involving the community in a drive-by parade with firetrucks, police cars, and over 50 cars of friends and family.


Doctors were hopeful for Charlotte considering the cancer hadn’t spread throughout her body, and she responded very well to all the various forms of therapy. Throughout the last year, Charlotte has undergone many MRI and MIBG scans to monitor the progress of the treatment. Recently, Charlotte underwent her final “end of treatment” scan, where they would do one final look now that Charlotte has received all of her treatment.


Doctors happily and confidently informed the Scalese family that Charlotte was in remission!  Charlotte will need to get checked every 3 months for the next 2 years, but her doctors are confident that they treatment was hugely successful for charlotte.


They believe that their faith in God is what healed their daughter and gave them strength to get through the most traumatic and difficult times during Charlotte’s treatment. Now, they look forward to starting a new life and helping other families going through childhood cancer, as they know all too well how difficult life is when a child is going through the journey of cancer.

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