First off... wow... I can't believe I am actually writing an article like this. How the times have changed!

The New Jersey state senate will likely pass a bill legalizing possession of 6 ounces of marijuana. After New Jersey voters approved a ballot question legalizing recreational marijuana, I started thinking what are some of the best Jersey Shore eateries for when you have "the munchies". I am neither advocating nor condoning such behavior, but if and when marijuana does become legal in New Jersey, it could also mean an increase in munchies. I think it's important to first define what "the munchies" actually are because, to be honest... I have no idea what that term even means. According to Urban Dictionary, "The Munchies" means you have the urge to consume large amounts of snack foods brought on by the inhalation of smoke from the combusting leaves of the cannabis plant. Scientific, no?? I would love to see what your favorite spots are. Comment on the Facebook link or tap chat on our 94.3 The Point App.

Below are some favorites gathered by local Jersey Shore residents (LOCAL ONLY):

What places did we forget?? Comment on Facebook or tap chat on our 94.3 The Point App. We will update the article ASAP! Of course, be safe and enjoy some of the tastiest foods the Jersey Shore has to offer.

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