In the beginning of the pandemic, there was a period of time many of us were searching for safe things to do. Whether that was finding a new workout routine or fixing-up something around the house, we were all trying to be productive hoping that COVID-19 didn't get in our way. During a pandemic, staying healthy, keeping busy and keeping your mind occupied are key.

Soooo how about taking the time to write a children's book?! AWESOME! During the pandemic, Lindsay McDaniel, a 2011 Wall High School graduate and now a Jersey City teacher wrote a children's book called Pete and the Pandemic. Lindsay and Christina Reichart, who also is a Jersey City teacher, wrote the book together in hopes to help their students gain better knowledge about the pandemic. Before Pete and the Pandemic, the grammar school teachers were were unable to find books that could help them explain what was happening globally. The synopsis of Pete and the Pandemic is below:

Pete feels like a typical second grader, he enjoys learning and loves to play with his friends. Until, one day the life he once knew completely changed. With a pandemic quickly making its way to the community Pete lives in, he finds his entire life changing. How will Pete handle all of these changes? Will his life ever be the same? A relatable story about a young boy’s journey throughout a global crisis will inspire you to learn from anything life throws your way.

Not only can this book be a 2020 pandemic souvenir but it's also a phenomenal learning tool for young students all over the world. The amazon ratings are fantastic and paperbacks are just $10.99. CLICK THIS LINK to buy a copy!

Congratulations to Lindsay, Christina and Lisa, I wish you great success on the new book! - Jimmy G

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