Every town has a restaurant that is simply a piece of it's history. It's that place where family memories are made. For me, that restaurant in Point Pleasant is Graziano's.

You know you are from Point Pleasant if you know Thursday night is chicken parm night at Graziano's. There is a long history behind this wonderful local restaurant. Let's go back in time with this famous place.

Graziano's has been in it's present location on Route 88 for a very long time. As a matter of fact, it's been there since 1966. That's 54 years of awesome food and great memories in one place.

And the restaurant has a great story. It's been in the Graziano-Muolo family since 1966, and got it's start when it's current chef Marcello's mom and grandfather teamed up to run the family business.

Marcello's dad Frank joined in when he and Iliana (Marcello's mom) married, and they family grew together right within the walls of 3119 Route 88. It's a really wonderful story about a really nice family.

Since the restaurant is literally 4 minutes from our house, we have been there hundreds of times. We had our rehearsal dinner there and one of our first dates happened at the table right in front of the kitchen doors. We love it.

This is one of the many, many local restaurants who really need our support right now, so give your favorite local restaurant some business as often as you can. Let's help each other!

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