I love Point Pleasant and I always have. I also love the great local businesses and support them whenever I can. So how about the perfect Point Pleasant Food day?

Since we have so many great places to eat in Point Pleasant Boro, I thought I would come up with the perfect meal day without ever leaving the town. Keep in mind there are plenty of combinations that would work here with restaurants we've mentioned, and many that we haven't.

That's why I'm calling it "a" perfect Point Pleasant day, not "the" perfect Point Pleasant Day. We'd love to hear your perfect day, too. Let us know in the comment section.

So here goes. This is a Point Pleasant Day that will make my heart, stomach and mind happy. I hope you agree.

Perfect Point Pleasant Food



We love Baron's, Point Pizza, Graziano's and Sundaes for being there for us.

So there you go. That sounds like a pretty perfect Point Pleasant food day for me. But those aren't the only possibilities. Please let us know your combination of choices. We can't wait to hear them!

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