We have great news for all the Giants fans at the Jersey Shore. The pain of another season has finally come to an end.

The Giants have once again won just enough games to not get the top draft pick, but not enough games to not be embarrassing. I know there are double negatives in there somewhere, but that's the kind of season it was.

Here's the best news we could find for any Giants fans. According to NFL rules, the Giants are not allowed to play another football game that counts until September of 2020. That's 9 months away. Thank you NFL for your mercy.

So, with a season as bad as the Giants had, we must be getting the number one pick in the draft, right? Wrong. Number 2? Nope. Third pick then? Not a chance. Thanks to a tiny handful of wins, including Eli Manning's swan song, the Giants get the 4th pick in the draft.

It turns out the only kind of luck the Giants had all year will carry into draft season, too. Big Blue ended the season by letting another rival, the Eagles, to stomp all over them (34-17) on the way to the NFC East title.

Sports experts say there are only 43 days until baseball spring training, which would be great news for me, except for the fact that I'm a Mets fan, and you know how that usually winds up. I love sports.

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