As summer winds down, we remember all the fun things the season offers us. Days at the beach, barbeques and gut wrenching belly flops!

El Caganer, Flickr

The belly flop. A carefully crafted water maneuver that goes horribly wrong. The worst part is the few seconds after impact when you know how much it's going to hurt. The sound of a belly flop is enough to stop people in the backyard in their tracks. This is followed by the simultaneous group "ohhh!"

Quite possibly, the greatest belly flop of all time has been caught on tape and looped for your pleasure. What's different about this one? First, rarely does one see a flop from the roof. Secondly, it's almost never into a kiddie pool. This guy's form before hitting the inflated water is almost Olympic-like. It's a sight to see, but the end result had to be painful. For that, crazy frat dude, we salute you!