When it comes to leaving the state they live in, apparently nobody does it better than the residents New Jersey.

I guess it was inevitable that New Jersey would eventually be number one in something other than taxes, and it turns out we are. According to United Van Lines numbers for 2018, more New Jersey residents were leaving than any other state.

We have heard this before, but the 2018 numbers are pretty shocking.When it comes to people moving in or out of our state, it turns out a full two thirds of moves in New Jersey in 2018 were outbound. No state was higher.

And here are the top three reasons people are racing out of the Garden State, according to the research.

(1) A job (35%)

(2) Retirement (35%)

(3)  Being closer to family (20%)

For the record, the one third of movers who are moving into the Garden State, 62% of them are doing it for a job.28% of those who are moving into New Jersey say it is for family.

If this makes you feel better, this may not be a Jersey thing as much as it's a Northeast thing, since Connecticut and New York joined New Jersey in the "top" 10 for outgoing moves in 2018.

So what are the states people were most likely to move to in 2018. I guessed Florida, and I was way off. The Sunshine State didn't even make the top 10. The top three inbound states for 2018 were Idaho, Oregon and topping the list was Vermont.

I guess many of us have had our moments thinking about grabbing the luggage and making the move, and as it turns out, nowhere in the nation are people following through on that impulse than they are in the Garden State.

It still leaves me wondering how double the number of people are leaving the Garden State than are coming in and yet the roads and parking lots around somehow seem to be getting more crowded each day.

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