When it comes to moving out, no state tops New Jersey. We are #1 in people leaving our state to move somewhere else.

The poll was done by United Van Lines and was reported at myfoxphilly.com. And it's not the first time the Garden State has topped the list. New Jersey has been on top of the list for three of the last four years.

While no reasons for all the departures was reported with the results, it stands to reason that the cost of living and taxes in the state had something to do with the findings. It's not cheap to live in New Jersey, but no one needs to tell you that, right?

And the congestion and traffic can't help. There are certainly many great reasons to live in the Garden State, though. There's our beautiful attractions and beaches. There are the truly great people who live here, and there is always the proximity to the attractions of Philadelphia and New York as well.

By the way, this year the state most people are moving to is Oregon.