We all know that lots of people are moving out of New Jersey. Did you ever wonder where they are going?

Maybe it's the price of, well, everything, or maybe it's the congestion and the traffic. There are dozens of other reasons as well when it comes to why people are fleeing the Garden State.

But did you ever wonder where all these people are going? You'd probably guess Florida or Arizona or someplace where the weather is a little more tolerable. Stacker.com did a little research regarding this question and came up with some results.

If you guessed Florida, you were close. The Sunshine State came in second place just ahead of New York in third. So if it's not those two state, then which state tops the list for those exiting New Jersey.

The answer, and I think it's a pretty surprising answer, is Pennsylvania. The study was based on the people who left New Jersey and where they wound up going, and over 40,000 former New Jersey residents moved to Pennsylvania.

Rounding out the top 5 was California coming in 4th place, and landing at #5 was North Carolina.

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