As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, a lot of people have been wondering: "How will this affect our upcoming holidays?"

Well, when it comes to Halloween, you are not going to like the answer.

With just over a month away from the spooky holiday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has publicly announced that they no trick-or-treating, no costume masks and no indoor costume parties or haunted houses should take place this year.

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The CDC is labeling all of these activities 'high risk."

The CDC is saying, however, that low-risk activities like carving pumpkins or decorating your own home are completely okay. (Drinking pumpkin beer is probably okay too lol)

For me personally, I understand why the CDC is asking people to avoid trick-or-treating, indoor costume parties and haunted houses.

All three of these activities involve you being in close quarters with a massive amount of people and there would be no way to contact trace if positive COVID-19 cases were to come about.

But why are costume masks being discouraged? All we have been preaching these passed few months is that people need to wear face masks.

Wouldn't a costume that is also a mask function as both?

Even more interesting....the public is not exactly on board.

News 12 put up a poll on their twitter asking if people agree with no trick-or-treating this year and the answers are split down the middle, pretty much 50/50.

We still have a little over a month until Halloween arrives so there is time for these rules and stipulations to change but for the most part, I would mentally prepare for a very different Halloween then you are used to.

We will still find a way to celebrate Halloween properly at the Jersey way or another.

Take a look at the original article with this announcement at

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