If you've waited until now to think about your costume for this weekend's party, you may be stuck choosing from what's left.

Halloween on a Friday means more parties, and one or two inevitably wind up being costume parties. Maybe you love Halloween and can't wait to put on that costume you've been preparing for weeks But maybe you're not that person, and you've left it until now.

This year I'm prepared because I used a costume at Haunted Hall, so that worked out great. (For a 5'2" guy, Eddie Munster works well). But in past years, I've had a costume party to attend and I left the costume decision until the day before.

That's not a great idea, because when the pressure is on, people tend to become messy shoppers, especially with those costumes in a bag. They pull them out it's inevitable that Dracula's mask winds up in the bag with Minnie Mouse's skirt or a Ninja Turtle shell ends up with an Elsa wig.

So, my message to all last minute Halloween costume shoppers, be nice to the next guy and then we won't have to look at zombies in pirate hats all weekend long.

If you're still undecided on a costume, Yahoo's top "buzzing costumes" may help. You can check out the list at hollywoodreporter.com

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