T-Minus too many days left until Halloween has officially arrived.

However, just because it is time to have fun, it doesn't mean that safety should go by the wayside. Take a look at some good tips to keep this Halloween happy, fun, but most importantly, SAFE!

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office has put out a list of safety tips that every family should keep in mind:

1. Use Make-Up Not Face Masks

Yes, masks are pretty intense but using face make-up instead keeps your child's vision open and completely unimpaired. This is majorly important if you are trick or treating near places with oncoming traffic or a lot of other people.

2. Wear Light Colored Clothing

This will keep your child easily visible for you as well as other oncoming cars. The "cool" thing may be to go trick or treating when it starts to get dark, but it is just as "cool" to make sure that everyone comes back safely and in one piece.

3. Travel With Adults Or In Groups

Smaller children should be accompanied by a parent. However, the older kids may want to travel without the parents which is fine as long as they are traveling in a group that sticks together. Everyone needs to keep an eye out for each other.

4. Approach Familiar Houses

It is a safe bet to trick or treat in a neighborhood that is familiar but no matter what, never enter a stranger's house. If the house has zero lights on, it is probably your best bet to skip it and head on over to the next house.

5. Sealed Treats Only

Who knows what you will collect this upcoming Halloween but only eat what is sealed. You never know what someone has done to the treats and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

6. Careful Near Streets

You can wear bright colors and do everything you can to remain visible, but always look both ways when crossing the street. Halloween is a chaotic time that has people darting all over the place so it is important to remain cautious.

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