We love to celebrate at the Jersey Shore, and today we ll get to celebrate the birthday of a man who is synonymous with New Jersey all over the world. Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi!

Jon celebrates the big 5-5 today. I think every guy who just read that is probably saying "I wish I looked that good at my 2-5", and every girl who read it had their jaw drop a bit as well.

Jon's career does not need description. He is truly one of the great rock stars of all time in every way and we are so proud to say he is one of our own. And of course it's not just the rock star thing that makes him so awesome.

He and Dorothea have tirelessly worked to help our neighbors and better the lives of members of our community with so many projects, and of course most notably the JBJ Soul Kitchen.

He truly has never forgotten his roots and that is just another reason we love him. So happy birthday to Jon Bon Jovi from all of us here at the Point.

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