Our radio station is celebrating a big birthday today! Here are some things you may not know about us.

Happy 70th birthday to us!!! Our radio station, WJLK FM, went on the air for the first time in Neptune on this day, Nov. 20th, in 1947.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Trembly)
(Photo courtesy of Tom Trembly)

Lou and I met each other when we first started working for the radio station in the late '80s when it moved to Mattison Avenue in downtown Asbury Park.

Here are some really cool facts about WJLK:

-- Our radio station is the oldest continuously operating commercial FM radio station!

-- WJLK is among a very select few FM stations (of about 10 in the entire northeastern US) to hold onto the same call letters (WJLK)) for that long.

-- WJLK started using the brand name 94.3 The Point in 1997, but we STILL use the same call letters. So when you hear our announcer once an hour say "WJLK Asbury Park", those are the exact same words you would have heard 70 years ago!

A big thanks to our Chief Engineer, Tom Trembly, for alerting us to this birthday news and sharing these fun facts!


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