Happy National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day! What a great day to celebrate if you love pizza like I do! The versatility of pizza is absolutely amazing! Some toppings, such as anchovies have no business being on one…anchovies is the number one on my list! Who likes hairy salty fish anyway? Does anyone even eat them with or without pizza? I am gagging at the thought! The other thing I thing is gross on pizza are the weird concoctions that I have seen people add to try and be fancy. Chinese food pizza, burrito pizza (not to be confused with taco pizza which is actually yummy), and mac and cheese pizza. I admire the creativity, but no JUST NO!

The Jersey Shore has so many great restaurants that have amazing pizza. Let’s us know your favorite pizza place and favorite toppings! Enjoy the celebration tonight by feasting at your favorite place with your favorite toppings!

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