Do you have the nerve to stay overnight in a 19th century fiercely haunted hotel?  For 120 Years the Hotel Macomber, has been a vacation destination for well-to-do shore lovers.  Some visitors love it so much they never leave. Mediums who have visited said that the spirits may not be crossing over to the other side because to them, staying at this hotel is truly is heaven.  That doesn't mean they still don't cause a little bit of trouble.

I went to Cape May this past summer and took in the ghost tour.  This place totally stood out. You can feel the energy before you even walk inside.  Goosebumps were a permanent fixture on our arms the entire weekend!  This sweet little city by the sea is rumored to be crawling with ghosts but the hot spot is for sure is the Hotel Macomber.

The Hotel Macomber was built over 120 years ago and according to guests, workers and psychics the Macomber is particularly active in room number 10. They say it is occupied by a woman who used to vacation there from Pennsylvania known as the "trunk lady". She brought a trunk with her because she would stay from June until November. There are reports of hearing a trunk scrapping along the floor at night, the furniture being rearranged and the door being banged on when no one was there. The most creepy part was the EVP recording that psychic-medium Craig McManus caught on tape of a woman saying “I’m still here” in that room.

Would you sleep in room 10 by yourself? I’m thinking that’s a thousand NOPES!

If you have any spirit experiences in Cape May or anywhere else I want to hear all about it! Email me

In case you want to brave it, the address is: 727 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204
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